About Us

ECOLINK, one of the world's largest fertilizer companies specialized, for many years, in the manufacture of agro-nutritional specialties, provides distributors and end-users on five continents with a wide range of high-performance.


Since its creation, ECOLINK has built a reputation for quality and service that’s second to none. Each product is built upon years of experience and time-tested for maximum results. ECOLINK products are proven safe and effective - just like nature intended.

Quality, passion and innovation make the history of ECOLINK, world leader in the production of organic fertilizers and specialties, focusing on technology, research and environmental sustainability.



Its mission is to provide farmers with safe and efficient fertilizers for all nutritional requirements. It do it at its best in respect of the environment and human health.


Its policy is to propose a range of product perfectly suited to the modern agriculture expectations, anxious to preserve natural resources while providing solutions tailored to the constraints of each place, crops and climates.